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    Finding simplest radical form of a 4th root?

    I haven't taken math in years and am having trouble understanding how to find simplest radical form of a 4√(x14). I said x4√x10. I realize I have 3 x4ths and x2 but I'm not sure if I can pull out more xs. What are the rules for this? Ideas, insight?
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    Do not understand the question: Projectile motion (got correct answers)

    So I got the correct answers for this question but I don't understand how. I don't understand the breakdown of the components. I don't understand where what variables should be. Homework Statement A rock is projected at a cliff with initial speed of 42m/s, at 60deg above the horizontal...
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    Conservation of momentum theory question

    Hi, I was wondering how one could know when velocity would be in the opposite direction in a momentum question. For example, two skaters are skating together (as one) at the same speed. Skater A pushes skater B and B moves at 13m/s. Find the speed of skater A. I found it and it's the...
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    Gravitational force problem: finding r

    How was this formula derived? Gravitational stuff... This is embarrassing but I need to understand it. I'm trying to understand how to solve a problem but I don't understand how one of the variables was isolated for and I was hoping someone here could explain it please. It's seemingly basic...
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    How to find the magnitude of the electric field?

    I will keep working on this while waiting for someone here to respond.... Homework Statement A ball m= 0.0024kg is electrically charged when 1E11 electrons are added. The ball falls with a=3.13m/s2 in an electric field. Find magnitude and direction of field. Homework Equations q= Ne The...
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    What is total equivalent resistance and power dissipated?

    Another one.. I'm sorry but I will likely spend tomorrow and today here with you guys asking for help and mooching solutions. Same deal, badly explained unit. We spent 15 minutes on this. Attached questions as jpg... Homework Statement How do I find total equivalent resistance? What does...
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    How to find the speed of an ion using V, T, m, q?

    Hello PF! How I've missed you! :) Studying for a final that's in two days. Our prof skimped on the electricity/electron/unit thing. I don't even know what it's called!! :( Homework Statement I need to find the speed of an ion, as well as the magnitude of the magnetic force acting on it...
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    Solving for v(f) using trig functions.

    Hi everyone, a classmate and I are studying for a test and have been trying to work out the following problem for the past hour and a half with absolutely no progress. Please point us in the right direction :) Homework Statement Someone at a third floor window (12m above ground) hurls a ball...
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    Finding momentum; I'm doing something wrong

    Hello again forum! I need a hint or a straight answer as to what I am doing wrong in solving this momentum problem... Homework Statement A 5.0 kg ice block is sliding along a smooth floor at 1.0 m/s west when a 0.20 N force directed east acts on it for 4.0 s. What is the magnitude of the...
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    Momentum: Collisions; Unable to get correct answer, using wrong formula?

    Hello again everyone! I've been plowing through yet another worksheet and thought I'd been okay until my solutions and formulas stopped working :( I was wondering if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for reading! Homework Statement - A 225g ball moves right with a...
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    Unable to solve type of question (dynamics): finding coefficient of friction

    So I've been busting my head for the past 2 days trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and I just can't. I have a whole bunch of these types of questions and can't solve any of them. My own equations and reasoning make sense to "me" but don't lead me to the right answer. I am positive I'm...
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    Dynamics Question: Finding Fa using mass and acceleration

    Hello again forum :smile: I am still studying for that unit test and am still having problems with dynamics... I've attached the problem with the calculations/solutions. Basically, I don't understand why I'm getting the wrong answer. Probably b/c idk what the heck I'm doing :eek: Homework...
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    Dynamics Question: Finding mass using Vi, Vf, D and acceleration

    Hi everyone, I'm new to forum and am a 3rd year university student who has never taken physics until now.. I'm currently studying for a dynamics unit test and came upon this question.... Homework Statement A car whose brakes are locked skids to a stop in 70m from an initial velocity of...