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    Mathematica Rasterized density plot + countour plot in Mathematica (to solve EPS issues)

    Dear All, I am plotting a density and a contour plot of the same function in order to have a smooth shading in the background of the contour lines. I do this using "Show[DensityPlot[...], ContourPlot[..., ContourShading->None]", like the following example given by Mathematica help files...
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    Issues in gnuplot: pm3d and dgrid3d

    Dear All, I am using gnuplot to make plots from data files generated using a fortran program. Those data files are basically big lists of 3d coordinates, just like like (not my real data, just an example): 10.0 1.00 0.01 20.0 1.00 0.14 .... So, when I use splot, I...
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    Mathematica How to make my own color scale (ColorData) on Mathematica

    Dear All, I started to use Mathematica to make some plots I usually did with gnuplot. I know it has some great color schemes, but I would like to be able to use the same I was using in gnuplot. The question is: how could I create a color scheme? In gnuplot I just used the following command set...
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    Mathematica Import and plot multiple data sets in Mathematica

    I have a dat file with multiple data sets, with the following structure: # t = 0.0 , ... -10.000 0.00001 1.000001 ... -9.000 0.00002 0.900001 ... ... 10.000 0.00005 1.000001 ... # t = 0.2 , ... -10.000 0.00301 1.000203 ... -9.000 0.02222 0.900043 ... ... 10.000 0.00025 1.000551...