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    Modern usage of non-navigational radio beacons

    How useful are non-navigational radio beacons (i.e., for determining current propagation conditions and testing) nowadays, whether microwave X band, HF, ELF, sub-mm wave, etc., considering the advent of computerized propagation modeling? Is the scarcity of non-amateur radio beacons a result of...
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    Fiber-Optic Delay Line Loopback Data Storage

    How much data could be theoretically and realistically stored in a hypothetical system consisting of a delay line loopback in the form of a long looped fiber optic cable?
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    Retaining Ring Removal

    This is more of a practical question - what is the proper way to remove the retaining ring shown below? Note that it does not contain lug holes, so I am not sure whether retaining/snap-ring or circlip pliers would be capable of removing the ring.
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    Dover Calculus Books

    Any recommendations on which Dover calculus books I should acquire that are past the typical "Calculus II" curriculum? Some of them appear to overlap significantly. I have considered the following books: Advanced Calculus of Several Variables (Edwards) Advanced Calculus: Second Edition...
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    Solid-State Electronics

    I have wondered, why do non - solid-state electronics typically precede solid-state in the history of development? The two main reasons that I have thought of are limited knowledge of physical phenomena, and limitations in other technology used to construct the device (e.g., involving small...