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    Inequality Proof

    Homework Statement If f(x) = (x-1)^2 and g(x) = x+1, then g is greater than or equal to f on the set S = {real numbers x : x is between 0 and 3}. Homework Equations g is greater than or equal to f on the set S of real numbers iff for all s in S, g(s) is greater than f(s). The Attempt at a...
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    Probability Question

    Homework Statement A firm sells a car in four colors; blue, white, green, and black. Three successive orders are placed for the automobile. What is the probability that one blue, one white, and one green are ordered? Exactly two of the orders are the same color? Homework Equations...
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    Real Analysis Proof

    Homework Statement I'm trying to show equivalence of two statements: Let f:S-->T be a function, show that f is 1-1 (injective) is equivalent to f(A n B) = f(A) n f(B) for all A,B subsets of S. The Attempt at a Solution I know equivalence means iff, so I started by assuming f is 1-1...