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    The pen revolves

    Hi, Suppose that I am holding a pen in my hand and then i move my hand in such a way that the pen starts revolving around my index finger. It rotates in such a way that it seems that my finger is the center of the circular path(the path, through which the pen is revovling)...
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    Property of water

    Hi When we fill a tumbler( of stainless steel) with water and then invert it ie empty it . The tumbler gets empty except a few drops of water. even if you keep the tumbler inverted for hours the water droplets do not fall down they remain stuck to the walls of the tumbler. I hope you...
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    Movement of a shuttlecock

    Quite a funny question Now when we hit a shuttle cock by racket or any other means, the shuttle cock moves in the direction of the force but halfway the position of the shuttlecock changes ie in the beggning the cock faces us and then at halfway the cock starts facing the opposite...
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    The double slit experiment

    Hi, We all know that when we shoot electrons one by one on an apparatus having two slits then it forms a interference pattern. Means this implies that the electron passes through both the slits at the same time Now when we keep a detector near the slits to watch the...
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    The Millennium problems

    Hi, Does anyone know about the Seven Millennium problems, if yes can any one explain to me the yang mills theory, navier stokes equation and the poincare conjucture in great detail:smile:
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    Sun forms different geodesic

    Hi, Earth follws a straight path in 4-d space the earth moves over the geodesic formed by the sun's we also have other 7 planets.So does it mean that the sun forms different geodesic for differnt planets. if my question does make some logic than please explain me.
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    Definition of candela

    Hi I cannot Understand properly the correct definition of candela.Can you please explain me.I know the definition by heart but i donot understand it properly
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    An excellent problem

    Hi pls read this its worth it.(assujme earth as a complete sphere) suppose i stand in india(place where equator passes) right now and now i begin my journey with a rope thousnands of kilometers long i follow the journey exactly on equator and return to the same place in india.means...
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    Niels bohr model

    Hi, we know that we can find the radius and energy of the orbits of why is it so that we cannot apply the same formulas for other elements by using the equations given by bohr.if there are complications what are they?
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    Dropping a tennis ball through the earth

    hi i am confused since many days about this problem which goes as follows suppose a tube that is longer than the diameter of the earth is passed inside earth such that its oother end comes right from the other side of the earth and the tube passes through the center point of earth.that is...
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    Eading in many books that the unification of quantum mechanics

    hi i have been reading in many books that the unification of quantum mechanics and general relativty is not possible. but why??? it is clear that we cannot use a certain theory for certain phenomen in the universe and other theory for the rest phenomenas of the world. at singularity we have...
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    How to derive e=mc^2

    Hi, I am very eager to know how to derive e=mc^2. I am sure that you all would be knowing how to derive the world famous equation E=mc^2.i know the basics but still it is a tough job to explain that. But I am hoping that you would send me a reply as soon as possible. Thank you
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    Gravitational Acceleration

    hello The gravitational acceleration at the equator is the least and at the pole is the maximum due to the rotation of the earth on its axis.Why???
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    Maths factorization problem

    Hello, I have got one mathematical problem and i am not able to solve it may i plese get some help. My sum is as foolws:- a^2+b^2=25 and a^3+b^3=91 so now find the values of a and b. Now here we cannot tahe into consideration that as a^2+b^2=25 , a=3 and b=4 or a=4 and b=3 .But we...
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    Solve math equation without assumptions

    One mathematical sum is harassing me since a few days the problem is;:- a^2+b^2=25 and a^3+b^3=91. find the value of a and b. Now here we cannot take that into consoderation that as a^2+b^2=25 , a=3 and b=4. But we have to find the answer without any assumtions.May i please get the...
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    Thermal expansion

    Hi, I want to ask one question about linear expansion. For eg if we take tke railway rails. then during summer due to the incresing heat the length of the rails increase. Now anything which has a mass has a volume so when the temperature of the metal rails increase during summer...
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    Quantum mechnics

    I don't know much about quantum physics but i know that, that we cannot predict a result of any action according to quantum mechanics but we can that there is a probability for every result Then for example,if i keep my hands ina way that my palms are touching the wall and if i...
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    Force carrying particles

    one simple but complicated question me is roaming in my mind since many days.We know about force carrying particles i.e gravitons,etc this particles carry force. but this particles are mass less and virtual then how can they carry force or energy???