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  1. gttjohn

    Cannot see the milky way in dublin?

    i have been to the mountains and been to the beach lots of times looking up at the sky away from the city lights ,but i have never seen the milky way .i have seen lots of amazing pictures of it on the net from other places around the world .Then is it only possible to see it at certain times of...
  2. gttjohn

    Why is the universe expanding?

    can anyone tell me why is the universe expanding faster and faster and not slower and slower or moving at a constant speed ,if a bomb explodes everything close to it accelerates away then slows down as time moves on ,in the void of space i would think things would just carry on expanding not...
  3. gttjohn

    Why do Planets have elliptical orbits ,AND

    why do Planets have elliptical orbits ,why do they just not have circular orbits ,I understand that the sun is like a bowling ball on a sheet of rubber and the planets in our solar system orbit the bowling ball as if i got a marble and rolled it onto the sheet of rubber but after a while the...
  4. gttjohn

    Ok guys go easy on me ,evolution? but i am clever

    Hello firstly are Homosapiens evolved from Neanderthals or are we a different all together or did Homosapiens evolve side by side with Neanderthals did we interbreed ,sorry i know my English is terrible i just have an unquenchable thirst for answers.thankyou
  5. gttjohn

    Are animals honest

    do animals lie are they dishonest ,or is this just kept for humans ,,,i know its a strange question
  6. gttjohn

    Why do asian people look different from me

    hi all i just wondered why asian people have different shaped eyes from me and why do african people look so different from me also ,im from ireland ,i am white have blue eyes and a large nose , now i think my skin is white because we get very little sun light my nose might be large because it...
  7. gttjohn

    Language origin

    where or how did language come from ,ive been thinking about this for a long time i think it may have evolved ,very slowly like this maby many thousands of years ago a leader or head of a tribe might have used words or noises or grunts close to what we now know to get the attention of his tribe...
  8. gttjohn

    Can something more heavy than water float

    hi all i just read that surface tension floats a ferry boat like the same way a pin can be placed very carefully on the surface of water, is this true, i always thought that if the boat displaced less water than it could hold it would float, i know there is huge holes in my logic but bare with...
  9. gttjohn

    Hi all im new here a few questions

    hi there question 1 why does the pitch of a siron on an emergency car change as it comes and then goes. 2 ive tryied to understand e=mc2 with some difficulty but what i did understand is that the faster an object travels the more energy it needs the more energy it has the more mass it has...