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    Top and middle tier physics undergrad programs

    What are the top and middle tier physics undergraduate programs? So far, I have for top tier: Harvard, MIT, Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, Stanford and University of Colorado, Boulder Thanks for your input!
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    SUNY Buffalo physics?

    Does anyone know if they have a good physics programme?
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    Schools Looking for a college with a good neursocience, math, and physics department

    Can anyone recommend a college with a good department in each of those fields? Neuroscience in undergrad is hard to find. I don't know if graduate schools will let you take their courses and make a BS degree out of it... The two schools that come to mind with good departments in all three are...
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    Schools What colleges have a nuclear concentration?

    I am looking for a college with a nuclear concentration in physics. What are the top colleges to be looking at? Right now on my list is Reed College, and RPI. Thanks!
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    Top nuclear physics undergrad programmes?

    Hello: I am interested in attending the best nuclear physics programmes available, regradless of where they are in the English spoken world. I have finished two years at Stanford University which a 3.96 GPA. My SATs were 760 reading, 800 math. I got 5's on both the two math and physics...
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    Beginner Physics Books

    Hello, I am searching for beginner physics books that won't break the bank. I am very interested in astrophysics at the moment. Only problem is, I don't know much calculus. Thanks for the help in advance. With best wishes, Chris