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    The Center of Galaxys

    When I see a picture of deep outer space and it shows a lot of galaxys flying around there is always a big "Sun" like, center of gravity that pulls all the many solar systems around it what is that? a red giant or some type of supernova?
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    Twice the speed of light?

    Einstein said nothing can go faster than the speed of light.If it did among other things time would slow you down to bring you back to 186,000 m/sec. Alright if you were going the speed of light and there is a beam of light right beside you,it would appear as if it wasn't moving right?Well if...
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    The limits of the human mind.

    The limits of the human mind........ Can you perceive the fact that there is no end to space or the thought of God always being here and always will be or maybe the thought of there being nothing it can't be nothing it has to be something even being nothing its something,just like there has to...