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  1. skyshrimp

    What is the best way to make Blueberries last longer?

    I bought a lot of blueberries on sale but didn’t get around to eating them for 5 days. They were in the fridge. The soft ones went furry, so I meticulously sorted through them and picked those out. I only lost about 10% and the rest are nice and firm. A large bowls worth. I want them to last a...
  2. skyshrimp

    What is this light in the sky?

    I'm in Surrey, London, UK. I've noticed this stationary light in the sky near the moon when there are no stars visible. What is it?
  3. skyshrimp

    Possible to build a space tower?

    Is it possible to build a skyscraper that's so tall that it enters the ozone layer? I was imagining such a tower where customers could go to the top in elevators and view the Milky Way in bed with a glass roof in their luxury apartments :) Obviously not just a tower without supports. Maybe with...
  4. skyshrimp

    B What am I missing here? (aging more slowly when moving near the speed of light)

    Play from 3:00 It states that we will age slower if we were travelling at the speed of light compared to being on Earth. Would we not age the same but just be further away hypothetically? Next it states that if we travel away from a clock at the speed of light at 12:00, we would always see...
  5. skyshrimp

    Intermittent fasting

    I'm 41 and have had quite a bad diet. Lots of beer and fried chicken. I'm thin but have a bit of a pot belly :redface: I saw some vids on YouTube regarding intermittent fasting, where people skip breakfast to burn fat quickly. I think the idea is that you burn fat for energy during the morning...
  6. skyshrimp

    What's your most refreshing drink?

    I drink a lot of bitter lemon. I don't think you have it in the USA. In the UK, it's cloudy lemonade with quinine which is used as a mixer, but I drink it as is with loads of ice. I once added a little citric acid powder to orange juice to make it sour. That tasted nice and refreshing. I'd...
  7. skyshrimp

    Random thoughts thread while microwaving dinner

    Post your drunk thoughts here (AKA, not thread worthy). Beer induced brain fart 1. When you microwave your dinner with clingfilm sealed over the top, the electrons in that air pocket get excited and the pocket expands (due to the air molecules moving faster right?). You get a clingfilm...
  8. skyshrimp

    A simple question regarding H2O

    If the two hydrogen atoms have filled the oxygen shell, why are other H2O molecules attracted to each other? I think it's something to do with oxygen being highly electronegative, but the oxygen has a complete shell with the addition of 2 hydrogen atoms.
  9. skyshrimp

    Storing silver nitrate solution

    I'm going to attempt the Mohr's Method chloride test at home for my saltwater aquarium. It requires me to add 5g of sliver nitrate to 250ml of distilled water and store it in a brown bottle. I have an opaque, black 750ml bottle I can use that I washed out with 0 TDS water. It used to contain...
  10. skyshrimp

    How can neon have a melting point?

    I just read that sodium has a higher melting point than neon. As neon is a noble gas, how can it have a melting point if it isn't a solid?
  11. skyshrimp

    The behaviour of DNA

    I was looking at this page and in the diagram (3rd image down) it shows 23 pairs of chromosomes. Do they all fit together to make one strand or is there 23 separate pairs of chromosomes in the nucleus...
  12. skyshrimp

    Chloride test question (Mohr's method)

    I'm going to try my first chemistry experiment. I bought 35g of potassium chromate and 5g of silver nitrate. 5g of silver nitrate is only enough for one test. What should I do with the silver afterwards? Is it...
  13. skyshrimp

    Simple chemistry questions - creating particle beams

    Simple chemistry questions -- creating particle beams... I'm new to chemistry and trying to understand this page I'm about to ask some very silly questions :uhh: It shows two examples of what will happen if a beam of protons, neutrons and...
  14. skyshrimp

    Strontium carbonate Acetic acid reaction

    I wanted to make strontium acetate but it didn't get hot (like when I mix calcium hydroxide with acetic acid). Does that mean it didn't work?
  15. skyshrimp

    Where's the best place to buy chemicals?

    I'm just a hobbyist learning basic chemistry for fun home projects. The first thing I'd like to try out is the Chloride test which requires potassium chromate and silver nitrate. I'll only need less than 50g of each compound. Where's the cheapest place in the UK to buy this stuff? 50g of...
  16. skyshrimp

    The Cat's Eye Nebula

    I'm just learning about space. The Cat's Eye nebula looks very energetic at the core. I can see what looks like plasma firing off chaotically from the center star. If this was video footage, would what we see in this still Hubble photo move rapidly (like solar flares seen in footage...