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    Is it possible to see newton rings in CT (xray) images?

    I have seen what looks like newtons rings interference pattern in transverse CT images of 2 solid water block on top of each other. My understanding is that newtons rings occur in visible light eg photography or scanners. Can anyone shed some light on this? :)
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    Calculation of peak acoustic intensity (in water)

    If we know the max. pressure (p) is 2.5 MPa and T = 20 C. Peak intensity, I = p^2 / rho * c where rho = density of water: 0.9982E03 kg/m^3 and c = speed of sound in water: 1482.3 m/s at 20 C I = (2.5E06 [Pa])^2 / 1.4796E06 [kg/m^2/s] = 4.2241E06 W/m^2 Is this correct?
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    Bayesian stats: how to update probability?

    I am trying to use Bayesian methods (Bayes rule) to predict further datapoints (at point n,n+1,n+2 etc..)... I begin by generating a normal pdf using previous 75 datapoints (prior: n-75 to n-1) with mean value, μ: 1.25 and standard deviation, δ: 3.67. Note: previous datapoints range from...
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    Thickness of lead required for 200 keV x-rays?

    is this correct? mass attenuation coeff. = 8.636 cm^2/g 8.636 * (density of lead: 11.3 g/cm^3) = 975.868 per cm thickness (mm): t= 9.21 / 975.868 = 0.009 cm = 0.09 mm
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    Can following trigonometric equation be simplified:

    Fx = sin [ 90 - theta ] * [ dX - [tan (theta) * dY ] ] ??
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    Electron in magnetic field equation

    equation for radius of curvature of relativistic electron in magnetic field? is this correct: R = gamma * m * v / e * B where gamma is lorentz factor, m is electron mass, v is velocity, e is electron charge and B is magnetic field strength.
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    Box Muller transform

    Can i use box muller transform to generate a distribution with two different sigma (i.e. sigma_x and sigma_y)? I want to generate a random gaussian angle (C) relative to z axis on circle plane, then set the angle relative to the x, A and y axis, B, wrt to the original angle. However, I want...
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    How to rewrite 2D Gaussian eqn in terms of x?" [Broken] How to rewrite this 2D Gaussian eqn in terms of x? i need to calculate the x and y values. let x0=0 and y0=0. is it complex?