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    Ternary Operations outside of coding?

    I use the ternary operation in web development all the time, eg: x = y > z ? a : b Which reads, if x > y then a, otherwise b I realize that it is just a shorthand for if...else statements, but even still, are there any mathematical properties associated with it? I know inequalities have...
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    Socializing Mathematics?

    First, a definition of what I mean by socializing Mathematics A platform whereby people can either learn, teach, or advance Math/Physics/etc. either as individuals or groups by directly using, modifying, or expanding others work under the same platform. Think MIT OpenCourseWare meets...
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    On Math-Atlas, where does regular Algebra fit in?

    On Math-Atlas, where does "regular" Algebra fit in? Where on the Math-Atlas does Algebra I and Algebra II fit? Should I assume "Algebra I and Algebra II" are essentially generalized, introductory courses that cover a subset of branches under the "Abstract Algebra" branch? I'm starting school...
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    Questions on encoding and combinatorics for an equation generator web app

    (I apologize for the following lack of clarity, I know next to nothing. Links would be cool if the answer would take to long, I simply don't know how to even google these questions ) Question 1, non decimal numbers: I have a set of parameters I'd like to encode. Each parameter is in the form...
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    Medical Aspergers and considering academia.

    Ever since I was younger, the thought of researching and teaching for a living was absolutely thrilling to me. For the past 8 years I've considered it deeply to the point where I quit one job to go to school, but was activated to deploy a few weeks in. After several years of serving in the...