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    Resistance from Microscopic Ohm's law

    I will continue from your R = EL/JA expression. J = \sigmaE therefore, R = EL/\sigmaEA the E's cancel out and your answer should be R = L/\sigmaA Hope this helps.
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    Kirchhoff loop rule and Ohm's Law

    RC is called time constant... ravi, what is your understanding? are you here to look for answers ONLY??
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    A Five Wire Junction

    That is because the diameter is in (mm) so is the current density :)
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    Constant Acceleration of Two Cars

    At the time instant where two cars meet up, the distance travelled by Car B will be 45 more than Car A... v = x/t is the main equation for this type of question.
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    A Five Wire Junction

    yes... always go meters for length unless otherwise specified! and yess the answer is -9.9
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    A Five Wire Junction

    study kirchhoff's junction law... J = I/pi*r^2 ; pi = 3.14... Hope this helps... good luck.
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    Velocity Vectors

    I think C and F are true...
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    Puck Collision Problem

    You need to apply conservation of momentum and energy. Initial conditions do not require you to resolve the velocity vector into components. You need to resolve the velocity vector into x and y components for the final condition.
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    Current in a solution of NaCl ions.

    For part a) Find out the current due to +ive ions and -ive ions. Add them to get total current... For part b) You already know the answer >>> +ive to -ive