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    Getting curve control points from a quadratic

    Homework Statement The first part is to find a quadratic parametric curve f(t) = (p1(t),p2(t)) which passes through the points (0,0) (1,1) and (2,1). (hint: find two interpolating polynomials, one for x and one for y) Second part is to find the control points for the curve( ie. change...
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    Pressure inside a tank of heavy water

    Homework Statement If the pressure inside a tank of heavy water is raised by 1 atmosphere, what happens to the tank? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Not sure where to start.
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    Power as a function of height (gravity and spring involved)

    There is a "cannon" pointing downwards with a spring inside where an object is inside and compressed up 1 meter. mass of object = 50.0kg k = 49050 height = 0 at bottom of cannon. Potential energy at start = mgh + 1/2kx^2 Kinetic energy at end = 1/2mv^2 I had to first solve for the object...
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    Deriving velocty with drag equation

    Homework Statement Derive an equation for velocity based on time with drag. Homework Equations The equation is: v(t) = F/b (1 - e^(-bt/m)) The Attempt at a Solution There's some math on paper, but I got down to: F - bv = ma a = dv / dt F - bv = m*dv/dt dt = m*dv / (F -...
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    Acceleration of a box pulled up a ramp with friction

    Homework Statement A 160kg box is on a plane with an incline of 35 degrees. A rope is attached to the box and a pulley at the top of the ramp and has a tension of 1240 N. The static coefficient of friction is 0.45. Will the box move up the ramp? If so, what is its acceleration? Homework...
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    Block on a moving inclined plane

    Homework Statement A block of mass M is on a plane with an incline of Theta. What horizontal force must the ramp be pushed so that the block does not move relative to the ramp. This is to be solved generally. Homework Equations Force of gravity on block: m*g*sin(theta) Normal force...