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    Schools Should I transfer schools? I really need help please read

    Hello all, I am stuck in a situation here. I have just completed 2 years at, lets call it: University A. I wish to get into an excellent physics grad school program, preferably a 'top-notch' school. However, the problem is that University A offers basically no research opportunities. There is...
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    I am confused with this equation derivation

    Hello, please take a look at the image below: [Broken] I am confused as to how that square root transformed into 3/2 power... Isn't it suppose to be 1/2 power if it's a square root? Thanks
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    Skull and Bones

    Im sure some of you guys have heard of this extraordinary story on Skull and Bones. Thing is, do u guys believe in this kind of stuff, if u dont know who they are. here are some links:
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    Finding this Integral

    I tried several ways to find this it's just making me confused. Integral of e^(2x)sin(e^x)dx I tried Integration by parts but i cant seem to find out the integral of sin(e^x).