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    Polymer Properties Question

    Tell me what your ideas are for this multiple choice question Compared to semiconductors, metals, and ceramics, polymers: a) have lower melting points b) tend to have lower densities c) deform plastically to a higher extent d) have lower electrical conductivity e) all of the above f)...
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    Casting a metal (Enthalpy of Fusion Question)

    I want to take a liquid metal, Aluminum at 700oC and pour it into a steel mold starting at 20oC. For the purpose of the question let’s say that the heat transfer is 100% with no losses to the surroundings. Here are some numbers: Al Mass = 200 g = 0.2 Kg Ti, Al = 700oC Cp = 900 J/Kg-K...
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    Fluid Mechanis - Pipe Flow Velocity

    Homework Statement I'm looking for a formula that has velocity at a certain point in a pipe. I only have velocity and pipe diameter. The problem goes something like: A Tube with a 0.075 meter diameter has four drains equally spaced apart with a cap at the far end. Each of the four drain...