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    Gas heated under constant pressure - thermal energy transferred?

    Homework Statement A 1.0 sample of nitrogen gas (diatomic)is heated at constant pressure from 300K to 420K, Cp (nitrogen) = 29.1 Jmol-1°C-1 The thermal energy transferred to the gas is? 1. 8370 J 2. 12,200 J 3. 34.90 J 4. 3590 J 5. 12.20 J Homework Equations KE = 1/2mv2 =...
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    Diffraction gratings - calculating the highest order maximum

    Homework Statement Monochromatic light of wavelength 694. nm is incident on a diffraction grating with 2192 lines per centimetre. What is the highest order maximum that can be observed? Homework Equations dsinθ = mλ The Attempt at a Solution d = 2192/cm = 21.92/m λ = 694 x 10...
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    Diameter of circle of light seen from above water - illuminated beneath

    Homework Statement A small light is 22.0 cm below the surface of a liquid of refractive index 1.50. Viewed from above, the light appears to illuminate a circle on the surface of the water. What is the diameter of the circle? cm Homework Equations Snell's Law n1sin(θ)1 = n2sin(θ)2...