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    Question on vector space

    So I was thinking and I was wondering if we could have a set of vectors that spanned just the unit sphere, and nothing else beyond that. So, if we replace euclid's 5th postulate to give us spherical geometry, a line is a circle on the surface of some sphere. If we have two perpendicular vectors...
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    Analysis class

    Since this is about my analysis class, I think this is the right place to put this. So, I'm a couple weeks into my class in Mathematical Analysis, and the whole class is a cure for insomnia, and I don't even have insomnia. The textbook my professor assigned looks like they liked baby Rudin, but...
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    High Level Language

    I'm looking for resources that discuss how a high level language works from a fundamental level. I'm not looking for something that just says if you put this in your program, this is what will happen. I looked at your programming resources page, and that is all it gives lend to. I'm looking for...
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    Finding Cardinality of Power Set

    Homework Statement Let S be the set of functions from a set A to {0,1} Prove that |P(A)|= |S| Homework Equations P(A) is the power set of A The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea how to do this... If A is finite then A has n elements, and we can write out the elements from one to...
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    Understanding Biology

    So, I have a biology and physics question that I don't really understand. I go to physics class, and they talk about atoms, and particles, and what we can do with them. I understand that. Then I go to biology class, and they start talking about cells, DNA, RNA, and they talk about individual...
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    Mathematics Research

    Okay, so I'm new here, but I have a few questions about research that mathematicians do. Firstly, what is it like to do mathematical research, and secondly how would I go about doing that? Currently, I'm just an undergrad in mathematics and my highest level of knowledge is just complex analysis...