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    Calculate the mass of NaCl needed to bring sodium concentration to 0.139 M?

    A person suffering from Hypothermia has a sodium ion concentration in the blood of 0.114 M and a total blood volume of 5.1 L. What mass of sodium chloride needs to be added to the blood to bring sodium ion concentration up to 0.139 M? (assuming no change in blood volume)...
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    Calculating the wavelength of a laser? (Diffraction grating)

    Hi, I'm doing a experiment/report on this topic, I'm trying to get a better understanding of the equation "nλ = dsinθ" ALL length measurements are in meters for simplicity's sake. n = bright spot number from the central bright spot (n0) d = distance between slits The angle "θ" and distance...
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    Is this the Wavelength? (Diffraction)

    I've asked this question about 4 times on yahoo but no one seems to have the brains to answer it! Looking at the diagram: Just trying to get a better understand of "λ = asin Ѳ" I've marked what I think is the wavelength...can someone please advise? as I'm trying to get a report done...