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    Supernova 7000 ly away

    Yes, I'm refering to Eta Carinae, I have seen many pictures about supernovas in several galaxys, and in each one of them the light of the supernova almost offuscate the entire host galaxy. our milky way has 100.000 ly of size from one side to the other, 7000 ly is almost "around the corner"...
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    Supernova 7000 ly away

    I've read in several news and science sites that a star roughly 7000 ly away from the sun is going to become a supernova in a very short time. Most science websites say that due to the distance of the star and earth's protective atmosphere this supernova will not pose any risk to life on...
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    Fast Airbrakes

    let's assume that it's possible to maintain a object floating in the air, when we acelerate with the object there's basicly only one way to stop it, airbrakes. let's assume that same object is traveling at a speed of 300 Km/h, is it possible to build a airbrake system able to fully stop the...
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    Best ways to

    I was wondering about the best ways to levitate a 2500 Kg ~ 5000 Pounds object at aproximately 1 ~ 2 meters from the ground by the means of high speed fans strategicly located beneath the respective object. how can I calculate the amount of energy that I need and discover the best...
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    Snowboard accident [Broken] this guy almost lost his head :rofl:
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    The Big Bang

    what happened during the big bang, was that, everything that exists now, has always existed in a infinite fundamental level within a singularity, and then there was an unidentified event that created space-time, before the big bang there was a 0 dimensional space, there were no dimensions, there...
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    Are strings the equivalent to bits?

    I often think about this subject, would it be a fair assumption to say that our electronic bits are a equivalent and more simple "thing" of that we assume to be the more elementar "particle" of the universe, a string, acording to the theory, it is the vibrating state of certain string that...
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    Big Sumatra Quake: Wave hits Sri Lanka, India,

    I guess most people don't realize the scale of this incident, so far there are 40 thousand death found officialy, but there are a lot more people missing, unofficialy the number already crosses the boundary of 100 thousand death, we are talking of more than the double of death of...
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    Logic of god

    first of all, God, is the most illogical of all illogical theories, and when I use the term illogical, I do not mean illogical for rhe humam perception, no, it's deeper and simpliest than that, the theory of God is illogical for all the nature of existence itself, there are a lot of arguments do...
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    Atheism and Agnosticism

    I disagree, everything makes sense given the certain context, and, as for the "meaning", well, it has more to it than what meets the eye, meaning is a requirement of our flawed perception, life and everything surrounding it, is just a micro system within the universe, and we (humam beings) are a...