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    News Recession Ended in June 2009

    Christian Science?
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    News Recession Ended in June 2009

    I agree with russ waters is saying. There is a definition one must follow and to not confuse the terms. Saying the recession ended doesn't imply people will start getting jobs. Whether we are in recession or not has no relevance to me at the moment. The most relevant thing is jobs. Typically...
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    Best Grocery Items?

    Exactly. Best way to go. I can't stand frozen foods anymore. I remember I used to eat them but now I can't... not even a little bit.
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    Best Grocery Items?

    Michelina's is gross. I rather punch myself in the throad than eat that. I used to just spend 3 hours on Sunday cooking every meal of the week. Pasta, Chili, Tacos, Potatoes, Chicken, and throw all the meals in the freezer. You can put 6-8 pieces of chicken and lots of potatoes in the over...
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    I want to give advice! where are all your relationship problems?

    Hmmm... so he's gay but able to contain his desire. ;)
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    Why do some of you use make-a-layman-scratch-head kinda words?

    OP, you talk down to people on purpose? I have a friend who failed out of university but I wouldn't be surprised if he can destroy any of us with words. He's hardcore into philosophy and I haven't got a clue what he's saying sometimes. I just ask him to explain and tell him the words I don't...
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    Buying car on credit, is this a sound decision?

    This is you. Fact: Most people live in urban areas. I even moved to get closer to public transportation. Now I can go out by walking. Enjoy public transporation. Have a place in a prime location. I still save money! If I move to Vancouver, I would live downtown. You save being close to...
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    Attitude about working in teens. Common or not?

    I agree that he's just lazy. My guess is that he's on Facebook or some other type of entertainment. People are living passive lifestyles nowadays. Everything must be passive from entertainment, learning, work and more.
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    Buying car on credit, is this a sound decision?

    You don't even need a car! Why is everyone in North America (excluding Vancouver) neglect to take public transportation!? It's so cheap! Only $80 a month here. I can read a book while going to work. Buses come every 5-10 minutes so I'm hardly waiting. Subways are every 2-4 minutes. You get...
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    Buying car on credit, is this a sound decision?

    Well I don't even drive. I'm 26 years old and also live on my own. I own a 1996 Dodge Neon but it's not rusted up like yours. I keep it at my mother's house. I never ever drive it. Been over a year now. I drive a little scooter around during the summer and ride my bike during winter to get to...
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    Just a rant I guess.Tonight my friends wanted to show me this

    How old are you? If this is Canada, they will let you off so don't worry. Note: Yes, I love Canada for that reason. I don't mind letting go of a few bad apples to save the good ones. Yes it's a risk I'm willing to take.
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    Getting into a relationship without formal dating

    Welcome to the land of insecurities. People are so insecure they need to be "safe" first.
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    Don't try it at home (or you will get arrested)

    I would kick her out of the house. No need to slap.
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    Flirting allowed?

    No offense but I sense a lot of judgements here are made through personal insecurities which is no better than the flirtie. I'm friendly with both sexes. I smile, I touch them, and so on. If someone can't handle that, clearly I can't handle them and I cut the rope. I can not tolerate...
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    Why Do Some Members Implode?

    I think you are holding the forum in very high regards up to the point where if someone chooses to punish the forum and leave then the member is truly crazy. Your post screams self-biasness. Some people may find that the academics of the forums is not up to par for them and leave. Or they...
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    I want to love.

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    Creative Writing major completely infatuated with a Physics Grad student

    You watch Big Bang Theory? Just curious. Sounds normal to be attracted to him. He has qualities you admire. What's the problem? I don't think you're attracted to the nerdy part. Sounds like you are attracted to his passion that he has for physics (could be a passion about anything), and...
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    How old does this guy look?

    Any pictures with his eyes?
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    StarCraft poll

    Damn the sun! I tan the skin on my face from the computer and then the sun comes in and make it's all uneven. The computer makes a nice consistent tan on my face.
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    The Healthy Relationship

    Agreed on both comments.
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    Oh Halp! I Haz Flu!

    I'm not so good at sarcasm.
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    Oh Halp! I Haz Flu!

    Play Second Life. Don't let sickness slow you down in achieving your goals. I play Second Life for about 9 hours a day.
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    Rogers cable TV woes

    Next time do the same thing in return. Waste their time. I had friends that worked for Telus and they get written for staying on the phone too long. If you're on the phone for more than a certain about, around 7 minutes or something, the call gets sent to the supervisor to be reviewed or...
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    The Healthy Relationship

    It's a topic about language. Just like a topic about mathematics. Mathematics is not English. The only rule that they broke is thread hijacking. If you only speak English, I feel sorry for you. 我也说中文,你说中文? Anyways, back on topic. A healthy relationship is one that allows you to...
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    Rogers cable TV woes

    It's probably faster to take a college course about television and cable then it is to call on the phone and wait. Seriously. You will call and wait 2 hours and be like... damn I have work in 10 minutes. Hang up. Call the next time and wait 1.5 hours... damn I have to go to the bath really...
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    Rogers cable TV woes

    Do not trust Rogers. Never call customer service either even just to ask what is your bill amount. They will tie that into some kind of 2 year contract or something.
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    The New Age of Who - Dr. Who

    Yes. Just search online. Nothing is hard to find.
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    A person whom 1 of my best freinds is so madly in love with and always

    I don't see why people get too attached to people they are not dating. If you're friend gets so attached that it would affect her, either your friend needs to evaluate her thinking or you need to evaluate who you choose as friends. I can admire a girl, and admire her a lot. But I will not be...
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    News U.S. Fraud In Iraq

    You are wrong. In only small parts of China. Usually the part near North Korea and the poorer people. China is very different in many areas. To generalize anything in China would actually be foolish. Even the language and writing isn't the same throughout the country and I mean different. I'm...