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    Anyone considering a career as a patent attorney?

    I just want to say that I have been working for the USPTO for a while now and never would have considered patents if not for this thread. If anyone has any questions about the USPTO or working as a patent examiner I'll answer what I can.
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    Engineering Little concern about choosing the practical major between astronomy and engineering

    Fair warning: This was my original degree program but I just didn't know how to sell it very easily to potential employers. I switched to Phys/CS to make getting jobs slightly easier. I would look in to Engineering Physics with a Astronomy minor if that is your passion. I don't know if it is...
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    Engineering Engineering Physics: 1 year left

    tl;dr: Computational Phys major with ~10 yr. industrial automation experience looking for guidance/suggestions for job search. Would prefer physics/astronomy oriented but know B.S. is limited in these fields. I'm about to start my last year of college at the UIUC Eng. Physics program (#1 in...