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    Quiz question

    This was a national science quiz question: What's the smallest amount of molecules for water to have the properties of a fluid. a)1 molecule b)2 molecules c)6 molecules What's the answer and why?
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    Physics AS exam

    You say it yourself. It's a mathematical abstraction... in other words not to be confused with physical reality. Do note that I don't know anything about the fluid particle you're talking about.
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    Physics AS exam

    Well if we stay at Newtons theory then the answer is clearly No. F = m * a --> a = F/m if m = 0 we will divide by zero which isn't aloud. There's no (classical) physical reality of an object with zero mass... it has no physical meaning. Something cannot have an infinite acceleration if it...
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    Need some help with Applications and Problem Solving .

    The width of the mat is (if I read correctly) the width of the border that surrounds the picture. The problem now becomes: If I have a photo with area 96 and then put a border around the picture with the same area my total area (photo+border) will become 192. Now this equals...