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    Egg Drop Experiment strategies

    Ya, thats really good. If it was slightly conical it would definitely stop the egg from slipping down on impact. The paper in a conical shape wouldnt b quite as strong as cylindrical though
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    Egg Drop Experiment strategies

    Unless ur allowed drop it onto the paper, no. In that case u could make a slide. Id say work on ur parachute design. Did u make a hole in the top?
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    Egg Drop Experiment strategies

    U can make a parachute out of the paper. Sounds silly but it works
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    1D Kinematics Again

    U dont have or need a time variable so thats the wrong equation of motion. This 1 shud work better: v^2 = v_0^2 + 2ax The other 1s r listed here if u need em:
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    Motion on incline

    well the ball is gonna accelerate as it rolls down the plane. it sounds like ur assumin the velocity stays the same
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    Skydiving problem

    Well, u got the right answer for v_terminal anyway in ur 1st post. (v^2 = 13.06) U still need more info about before the parachute was opened to get the drag just after. The drag force u calculated (783. 6) is the drag force when the skydiver achieved v_terminal, which is a little while after...
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    Friction Problem

    I dont see what else u could do. Seems perfect 2 me
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    Newtons laws again

    The only thing i regognise there is 1/2at^2. This wudv worked:
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    Projectile Motion, A study of height and time

    How do u no ur wrong? Looks ok 2 me unless im makin exactly the same mistake. Mayb ur lookin under the wrong chapter at the back of the book 4 ur answers!?
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    Kinematics- ball thrown

    Well u just hav 2 use the same equations of motion The usual convention for these 1s is up is positive and down is negative so the initial speed u is a positive num since in the up direction. The displacement s will be -100 and g is -9.81. Putting in the numbers: s = u*t - 0.5*g*t^2 -100 =...