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    Magnetic shielding using a semiconductor?

    I read an article a week or so ago talking about using a semiconductor to disrupt a magnetic field. Generally a magnetic field can be disrupted by any magnetic material in its path. Steel for a basic example can reduce the realized field on the opposite side from the magnetic field source...
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    Thin ceramic plates sources / manufacture techniques?

    It's just in my mind that, similar to an oven, you need an insulator to keep the hot air in. Instead of say just leaving the door open, you close the door and it keeps the heat intact. I need to make sure to keep the heat to it's side of the enclosure. It's mainly just insulation. And there is a...
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    Thin ceramic plates sources / manufacture techniques?

    I need to insulate the area between two heat sinks. The gap is about 10mm, and the bottoms of the heat sinks are facing eachother with a peltier chip sandwiched in-between. However the two sinks are in separate enclosed sections, and I need to insulate the hot side from the cold side as much as...