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    To take off or not to take off

    I'm designing websites. Something I've learned on my free time. Whether I would have dropped out for one term to learn this, I doubt it.
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    Finally! I'm done!

    Thank you! My responses will be slow since I don't have internet! :wink:
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    Finally! I'm done!

    Thank you! Well, still editing the project paper but basically done. :P
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    Finally! I'm done!

    I presented my M.Sc. project today. Finally! I decided not to do a Ph.D. as I found Acadamia really interfered with my pursuit of learning anything. Anyways, I had ideas of other research I can do and I bumped into an M.Sc. student from Computer Science that is working on exactly that. Which...
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    Programs Is it true not all of us can get a math degree?

    I go to school with prospective teachers. No offense to Grade 12 teachers, but I learned that high school teachers are not too bright. They make special math classes just for them because it's too hard. So in essence, they didn't even do an authentic math degree so how would they know...
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    Schools How to find a graduate school that matches my research interests?

    Ranks don't matter. Your supervisor matters. A supervisor with many connections will have the abilities to set you on the right path. Also, your supervisor is the one guiding your work. Hence, you should interview your supervisor. Not the other way around. You're interested in establishing a...