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    Courses Electrical Engineering: what study path would be better?

    Hey guys! So basically I'm still finding hard to decide what my specialization field should be next year. I'm really torn between a major in Electronics with a minor in Power Systems with some programming additional courses OR major in Power Systems with minor in Electronics. My favourite...
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    Studying How to improve in engineering exams

    Hello! Thanks for your reply. This semester I was taking 8.02 Physics (Electromagnetism) and tried to revise every problem I do, to check if I was really understanding the physics of the problem and I think it helped. However yes on tests I freeze when I come up to some "different" problem. It...
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    Studying How to improve in engineering exams

    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but here it goes... I'm here to ask you what advice can you give me to achieve better results in engineering. I'm currently on my 5th semester and I'm still not managing to get good results. I really put effort on things, prepare myself...