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    Diamond based CPU's

    So I was looking online at a company called Apollo diamond...they have a method for making diamond called chemical vapor deposition. Essentially, it is a method where a seed diamond is placed in a carbon gas and layer upon layer of carbon atoms are deposited on the seed and the diamond grows...
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    Math software

    I am looking for math software that will fit a set of points with a cubic spline (or other technique)....then allow the user to change the shape of the curve by dragging it...and continuously fit the curve as the dragging is occurring (or fit the curve after the dragging has stopped). The point...
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    Transform triangle

    I am trying to transform a triangle in 3 space with the constraint that z = 1-x-y. At this point I have the following transformation matrix A, and three vector equations: | a1 a2 a3 | A = | a4 a5 a6 | | a7 a8 a9 | A*x1 = k1*y1...