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    Thought Expirement, Tethered Spacecraft travelling near light speed

    I have two spacecraft originating from the same point each at velocity .9c in opposite directions. One spacecraft has a chord attached to it rigidly. The other has a spindle attached that can freely unwind the chord with no friction. We can measure the speed of the chord unwinding on this...
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    The part of relativity I never got, reference frame

    So I was pondering long distance space travel. As I understand it, if you can accelerate a vessel, say over the course of a year, to near light speeds, you can cover very very long distances in a very short period of time(as measured on your on space ship) due to the effects of relativity...
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    Statement of Purpose length

    How long should a statement of purpose be? I had an idea of what the optimal length would be, but I realize now it may be a bit long. The application for UT says it should be 2 pages or less. The online form lets you input exactly 2 full pages single spaced size 12 font. I wrote up my...
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    Schools Applying for grad school, do I need to send transcripts from Dual Cred HS class?

    I'm applying for graduate schools (3 of them) and obviously I need to send my undergrad transcripts. But they do say all post secondary education. I took dual credit classes in High School that I got Longview community college credit and UMKC credit for. Do I need to list this these colleges in...
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    Schools Mechanical engineering Grad School- MEMS

    Hey, my company may be sending me to get a masters in mechanical engineering, particularly for small electromechanical engineering. It's not quite MEMS, but I think MEMS best applies and that was specifically what my manager is asking for. So, what grad schools have good MEMS programs...