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    Finding the basis for a vector space

    Homework Statement Find a basis for the following vector space: The set of 2x2 matrices A such that CA=0 where C is the matrix : 1 2 3 6 The Attempt at a Solution I multiplied C by a general 2x2...
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    Implicit differentiation

    Homework Statement Find the coordinates of the stationary points on the curve: x^3 + (3x^2)(y) -2y^3=16 Homework Equations Stationary points occur when the first derivative of y with respect to x is equal to zero The Attempt at a Solution I implicitly differentiated the...
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    Relationship between roots and coefficients

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Sum of roots taken one at a time is -b/a Sum of roots taken two at a time is c/a three at a time is -d/a four at a time is e/a The Attempt at a Solution I did part one by solving the two equations...
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    Use De Moivre's Theorem to prove this:

    Use De Moivre's Theorem to show that for any n greater that equal to 1 (1+itanθ)n + (1-itanθ)n =2cosnθ/cosnθ where cosθ ≠ 0 I tried to approach this by converting into modulus argument form but wasn't really sure if that was correct. It's a common New South Wales HSC question but I...