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    What is difference between series and parallel

    I have a unit giving for example 100-150 volts. I want to reach upto 1 kv. A step up transformer will do the work, but my feeling as a noob is that, if i step up voltage, the amps will go down, if i want amps also up, i need to attach another unit to the existing power unit. My question as a...
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    I just coudn't replicate it, no matter what, Help Noob

    Hello Friends, Here is the link to video to replicate. I have taken a circular cold steel shaft of 18mm dia and 1 ft in length, weight approx 400-450 gms attached 14 Nos 10mmx10mmx1/8 thick magnets on the top horizontally and 14 Nos on the...
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    How far can step up transformer inflate voltage

    How far can a step up transformer increase voltage ? Why voltage is stepped up. Is the end result output power suitable for home use after using step up transformer ?
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    KW Volts Amp Confusion, Please Help

    KW, Volts, Amp always confuse me. I have a project of 10kw generator, how do you measure that it is 10kw at first instance. for example if the output is 1200 volts, can it become 10kw or be a 10kw generator etc. What is the power requirement standard of a home ? how to fit the 1200 volt...