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    Why are salient pole rotors preferred in hydro plants?

    Hi all, I tried to post in this post but I now realise that creating a new thread might have been better. So... Salient rotors are not used in high rotational speed applications, and we must use...
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    LaTeX How can I get this chapter heading style (screenshot in post)

    Hi, Do anyone know how I can get this following chapter heading style? I've searched, but have not been able to find this exact one.
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    Parallel Resonance in Power System

    Hi, imagine we have the following circuit shown in the figure below. There are installed a passive filter to filter the 5th harmonic. Now, after installation this creates a parallel path with a generator connected, lets say that this parallel circuit has a resonance frequency at the 7th...
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    Frequency Control in Power Plants -- Droop

    Hi, how do power operators change the droop setting in modern power plants? Back in the days it was with help of a flyball governor(?). In todays power plants do operators adjust some sort of gain electronically via a scada system or something?
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    Synchronous generator phasor diagram

    1. Problem Statement: A 4-pole, star-connected, 50 Hz, 11kV, 40 MVA turbogenerator, with a synchronous reactance of 0.8 p.i., is connected to a power network. This power network can be represented by 11-kV infinite bus with a series reactance of j 0.5 Ω. A voltage regulator adjusts the field...
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    Power supplied by capacitor bank

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi, I have the following circuit, where V2 is found to be 0.964∠-3.3 (degrees) p.u. Then I am to find the reactive power supplied by the capacitor bank (j0.25 p.u, to the right). I got the right...
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    Power System, synchronous generator

    Sorry for bad title(little informative regarding my question), however I came across the following question given as an exam question at some university. Question: "A synchronous generator is running overexcited with excitation voltage Ef = 1.40 p.u and connected to the network at voltage of 1...
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    Voltage and Frequency Regulation (Grid, synchronous generation)

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me understand and explain to me how one can control the frequency of the grid from help of the active power (frequency -> power angle -> active power) and how reactive power can be used to control the voltage level. My thoughts: Voltage Control: I dont...
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    Equivalent circuit of an Induction Motor

    Hi, I have attached two circuits of an induction motor, one for steady state(1st circuit) and a dynamic model(2nd circuit). My question is: Why don't we include the induced emf in the steady state circuit? Looking at the dynamic circuit we include it, but not in the steady state circuit. Is the...