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    Inertial mass, gravitational mass, and the Higgs

    If we explain the origin of inertial mass with the Higgs mechanism, how do we explain the origin of gravitational mass? In other words, how does the Higgs mechanism contribute to the gravitational field of a particle? (Note: the closest thread I've found to this is...
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    Future construction - a theoretical estimate?

    Suppose we had the technology to produce artificial diamond beams and carbon nanotube rope cheaply enough to use in large quantities. If we use the diamond for compressive load, and the CNT ropes for tensile load, how tall a skyscraper could we build using these materials, in theory? Is there...
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    Matter-antimatter imbalance - how do we know?

    In my thread regarding the telescopic detection of antimatter, it was concluded that we cannot discern anti-matter from matter when observing it via telescope. As a follow-up, I have another question - or rather a few tightly connected questions: If we cannot tell the difference when looking at...
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    Can we tell apart antimatter from matter?

    Hello, assuming we can detect antimatter with some telescopic technique just like we can detect matter, is there any way to tell them apart? How would this be done?
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    Hypersonic drag - spherical vs pointed nose

    This is a hypothetical question that I am curious about.. Suppose we are trying to design a projectile that is intended to travel at high hypersonic velocities, on the order of mach 10 or 20, through air (you can assume sea-level density for argument's sake). Would an ideally sharp round...
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    Exothermic reactions that release hydrogen?

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any exothermic (or otherwise spontaneous) chemical reactions that release hydrogen, in which the reagents and products aren't strongly hazardous? I know of the reaction of alkali metals with water, but these produce strong alkaline solutions.. Perhaps one...
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    Misc. Double slit - do it yourself?

    Hello, is it possible to reproduce the double slit experiment at home with some easily obtainable equipment? I was thinking of using one of those laser pointers. Though I'm not sure how to make the slits - would cutting a pair of close lines in a piece of plastic with a sharp knife be good...
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    High Temperature Polymers?

    Hello, could anyone point me to some resources where I can find information about high-temperature polymers? In particular, I am interested in the theoretical aspects of typical structures and how it enables the polymers' thermal properties and possibly other properties. Processing methodology...
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    Lense flare / halo

    I was wondering - if I were to photograph (or look at) a bright source of light in full vaccum, would I see a halo around the light source, or any other lense flares? If so, does it form purely due to the lense optics, or are there some other contributing effects?
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    String threory assumptions about spacetime

    I just read that string theory "started out as a generalization of quantum field theory where instead of point particles, string-like objects propagate in a fixed spacetime background". Is this true? And if so, did anyone try to do the same with a curved spacetime? What did they get? Or perhaps...