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    Some Questions Involving Newton's Law

    A skier starts from rest at the top of a 24 degree slope 1.3 km long. Neglecting friction, how long does it take to reach the bottom? At what angle should oyu tilt an air table to simulate motion on the moon's surface where g= 1/6 m/s/s? A block is launched up a frictionless ramp that...
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    <b> Projectile Motion </b>

    I started out drawing pictures and I can't get any farther... 50. In a very popular lecture demonstration, a projectile is fired @ a falling target. The projectile leaves the gun the same instant that the target is dropped from rest. Assuming that the gun is initially aimed at the target...
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    Projectile Motion of roller skates

    4) The determined Wile E. Coyote is out once more to try to capture the elusive roadrunner. The coyote wears a new pair of Acme power roller skates, which provide a constant horizontal acceleration of 15 m/s2, as shown in Figure P3.73. The coyote starts off at rest 70 m from the edge of a cliff...
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    Tricky Problem

    I have to make up or find a problem that invovles free fall velocity AND relative velocity!! Can anyone find/make up a problem for that? HELP!!!!
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    More Relative Velocity

    I can't help but think maybe there's extraneous info?? Question: A rowboat crosses a river with a velocity of 3.30 mi/h at an angle of 62.5 degrees North of west relative to the water. The river is .505 mi wide and carries an eastward current of 1.25 mi/h. how far downstream is the boat when...
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    Homework help- Velocity!

    Ok, here's the problem.. What am I doing wrong?? The pilot of an aircraft wishes to fly due west in a wind blwoing at 50 km/h toward the south. If the speed of the aircraft in the absence of wind is 200 km/h, in what durection should the aircraft head and what should its speed be relative to...
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    Velocity of kingfisher problem

    So I can NOT understand what to even do first..... Please help me! A kingfisher is 30m above a lake when it accidentally drops a fish. A second kingfish 5m above the first dives toward the fish,. What's the initial speed it needs to catch the fish just before it reaches the water?