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    Nuclear plants and tornadoes

    Do nuclear plants shut down during a tornado warning? I have heard that they do but really can't think why.
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    Relative prime gaps.

    Given the first N prime numbers what is the largest gap between consecutive numbers that are relatively prime to all of them? Anyone know of a fast algorithm for calculating this?
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    Quantum refrigerator

    Ok is this article as silly as it seems to me?
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    Obama and nuclear power.

    Obama has issued loan guarantees to build two new nuke plants. Anyone know what kind of plants they will build? Are we really going to finally restart the American nuclear industry?
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    Combine fusion reactors with fission reactors

    I have long wondered if you could combine fusion reactors with fission reactors. After all fusion produces large numbers of neutrons which can drive fission reactions. Then I saw this: So will this work? Is a combination of PWR and these things...
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    Holevo Additivity.

    Can someone give a simple explanation of what this is about: [Broken] I think I have a reasonable understanding of a classical information channel. I think I have a bare minimum understanding of a quantum...