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    Debunk please [Broken] The primary author seems to have some pretty impressive scientific credentials (if Wikipedia is to be trusted). Anyone know anything about this?
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    Hiesenberg uncertainty principle in 100 ACII characters or less

    Please paraphrase the Hiesenberg Uncertainty Principle in 100 ACII characters or less? Thanks!
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    Hangin' out near a black hole.

    What would happen if you could travel at such a speed (faster than the escape velocity) as to have a stable orbit of a black hole just beyond the event horizon and you were to stick your hand inside the boundary? Would you be sucked in? Would your hand be taken but your velocity keeps you...
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    Gear Design Problem

    Hi, I am looking for some help designing a gear for an invention of mine. I know gear design basics, but this is a little beyond what I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The needed gear (to be made from plastic) is part of a toy and will be under very little stress. For my...
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    Relativity situation. Questions.

    Situation: You have a bomb which will detonate if the input sample on its trigger is of a certain mass (we'll call this the critical mass). The trigger input sample has a mass equal to 99.99% of the critical mass. A person takes this device on spaceship which begins to accellerate...
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    Question regarding accellerating expansion of the universe.

    How do scientists compensate for relativistic effects when measuring the expansion of the universe using type 1a supernove? Thanks Glenn
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    Who am I?

    x/1 = x+1/x
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    Using Excel with engineering equations

    I need to plug some equations into Excel. I am using the Insert-->Name-->Define feature to assign a given cell to a defined named variable. Example... cell a1 = X, cell b1 =y this way I can say cell c1 = X*Y rather than having to say c1=a1*b1 Here's the problem... I need to...
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    I-Beam deflection

    Hi, I am working on a project where I have an I-Beam supporting a cantilevered load. .............................................W IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ///////// For ease of fabrication, I need change the cross section of this I-beam. Due to...
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    String question.

    Do strings themselves exhibit wave/particle duality? Thanks!
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    Laser question

    Hi, I am a ME working on a toy design. I know next to nothing about lasers diodes. Is there a laser diode of low enough power that it could be safely incorporated into a kids toy? (visible "dot" required. Or is all laser light potentially harmful to the retina? Thanks!
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    Of mass and matter.

    Hi all, I am posting this thought from another discussion board... I've been thinking about two things lately: artificial gravity, light speeds, and faster-than-light speeds. I believe these to be interconnected. Here's my reasoning. First off, if mass and matter are separate things...
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    Basic atom & molecule physics

    basic atom & molecule physics After 30 views, I hadn't received any replies to this thread as posted in the "atoms" forum. Perhaps someone here can help me out. Thanks, Glenn 1. Why exactly does a covalent bond work? I understand how the electrons fill up the shells and so forth...
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    Pi and Space-time

    Is the value of Pi related to the curvature of space-time? Is it the value that it is because space-time is more or less flat? If the universe were of a greater open or closed curve, would Pi be a different value? Thanks, Glenn