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    Public Money (sources & sinks)

    I've been thinking America needs to reform our system of public finance. The current system uses debt-money to finance public goods through the bond markets and investment banks. Thus public goods are perpetually encumbered by debt rather than created debt-free. Obviously it is possible to...
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    Mythbusters Bus Jump Small Scale

    In the movie Speed a speeding bus is shown jumping a long gap in the elevated freeway. The Mythbusters test the physics at 1/12 scale. In the TV show Grant writes an equation to find the scaled down ramp exit velocity, where supposedly one must compensate the small scale speed downward because...
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    Time of Motion with Negative Feedback

    A block of mass m slides down an incline plane of length xL. The friction factor b is constant, where the friction force increases as a linear function of forward velocity v. This produces exponential motion. My problem in building an educational simulator is this, I want to compute the time...
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    Time of motion, natural logarithm help

    This equation specifies displacement x in terms of motion time t (starting from rest). x = \tau g\left(t + \tau e^{-t/\tau} -\tau\right) where tau = m/b is the system time constant of a mass m suspended from a mechanical braking device with rectilinear damping constant b and g is standard...