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    Medical Low/no carb diet

    Hello im thinking of trying out a low/no carb diet, eating mostly white/lean meat and vegetables. THe main thing i am concerned about is, how will my brain and muscles get energy without glucose?
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    My academic future right now looks like hell

    I dont know why, but i'm currently just so unmotivated and lazy in college right now. Im going to be a junior, and I did really good during my freshmen year, pretty much getting all As or A-'s. And then, in my sophomore year everything went to ****. I dont have any explanation whatsoever...
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    Job Skills Programming interviews: is it bad to study every possible question?

    Ok so for me, a job interview is still a while away, and im not even sure if i will major in CS. But anyways, i've heard from my TAs that in their job interviews with microsoft and such, they are usually asked strange programming questions mostly involving linked lists, and riddles. Now, ive...
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    Schools Bad grades in college (yes happens to everyone but i got hit BAD)

    first of all, i am an aspiring EE student. At my school (as with many), students must actually apply to the engineering school usually at the end of their sophomore year. There are exceptions, such as early admission or direct freshmen admission, but most just do sophomore year. Ok so i kind...
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    Programs EE/physics double major

    Ok first of all Im going to say that I am not doing EE because im afraid that ill be homeless if i just do physics. I am genuinely interested in both. At first I didnt know what I was going to do, but after taking physics 2 (basic EM), i knew I really wanted to go further into electronics...
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    Programs Math major and engineering major

    Hello I'm a freshmen in college and I am planning on doing a double major for a BS in math and chem e or ee. Does anyone have experiences with this? what should i expect? thanks
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    Programs Master's degree in engineering: is it worth it?

    will a master's degree in any engineering field really give you a significant advantasge in the job market? does it vary for different disciplines of engineering? thanks
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    Best ways to study math and science?

    is the best way to study math and science really just to do tons of practice problems? BEcause ive always been told by my teachers, especially when preparing for standardized tests to do as many problems as possible. Is this really the most effective way to become "good" at math and science?
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    Things spinning in circles

    This is what i dont get for things spinning in circles. So let's say you tie a mass to the end of a string, and you start swinging the string around in a circle with a constant speed. In the absence of air resistance, then the net force on the mass would be the centripetal force provided by...
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    Laplace tranform problem

    Homework Statement find solution using laplace transforms y'' + 4y = 8 alright, so i did the laplace transform of both sides and i get (s^2 + 4)L(y) - 11s - 5 = 8/s so i isolate L(y) and i get this expression: L(y) = (11s^2 + 5s + 8)/(s*(s^2 + 4)) however, the textbook...
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    Help with angular momentum question

    A. At a particular instant, a particle of mass M = 3 kg is at the position (x,y,z) = (4,4,6) m and has velocity (2,1,-2) m/s. B. An identical particle is placed at (x,y,z) = (-4,-4,-6) m, with velocity (-2,-1,2) m/s. Find the angular momentum of the pair of particles about the origin...
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    Studying Good textbooks for math and science?

    so, list some good textbooks for undergraduate math and science. of course early transcendentals by james steward will probably be on everyone's list for math, but let's try to get some new names. i would say physics for scientists and engineers by serway and beichner is extremely well...
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    Warming up right before a test?

    so, how analogous do u think a person about to take a test and an athlete about to compete is? Do you guys think warming up right before a test, by doing practice problems and such, can have a dramatic effect like that of an athlete stretching before a competition?
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    Programs Double major in chemE and materials science?

    So i was on my school's website and i noticed that the general education requirements for chemE and materials science is EXACTLY the same. I also think i can be finished with all of the general ed requirements at the end of this year, since i got a head start with AP classes last year. If i...
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    Does the force of gravity ever have a reaction force?

    for example, a book is at rest on a table. One might say that the normal force is the reaction force. BUt reaction forces always have to be equal in magnitude, and you put an object on the book, then the normal force would increase to keep the book at rest, therefore the normal force is...
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    Have you guys ever encountered anything like this?

    SO, i just had my physics midterm. I knew how to do everything. Except these 3 problems cause me so much headache. I was so sure i was doing everything cxorrectly, but the numbers never came out that matched the choices. those 3 problems were worth 5 points each, i ended up getting them...
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    How to sketch phase planes by hand

    so, for the very specific cases of linear systems i can identify what shape it will be after determining the eigenvalues, but i really do not know how to go about sketching the phase planes. can someone give me a method?