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    Tricky collision problem

    Homework Statement a small ball of mass "m" is traveling with an initial velocity v in the positive x direction. it collides with a larger vall of mass M that is initially at rest. after the collision, the smaller ball is at rest. What is the final velocity, V, of the larger ball? options...
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    How to find angle whit system of equations

    Homework Statement i kick a ball with an initial velocity of 18m/s. there is a wall at 8m that has a height of 1.5 meters. whith what angle should i kick the ball so that it bearly passes the wall? Homework Equations first equation: hf= 1/2gt^2+vit+hi second equation: V=Δx/t The...
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    Binding enregy per nucleon

    Homework Statement Find the binding energy per nucleon of 238 92 U in MeV Homework Equations ΔM= ideal mass - atomic mass Ebind= ΔM * 931.5 The Attempt at a Solution first i found the diference in mass from ideal weight and atomich weight which is 1.98499. then i multiplied...
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    Transistor gain problem

    Homework Statement If a transistor circuit is used to amplify a 2.5 mA signal to at least 0.1 A, what must be the minimum gain of the transistor circuit? b. Assume the amplifier consists of a number of transistors in series, each with a gain of 10. How many transistors are needed in...
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    The Higgs field and gravity

    Hi can someone explain to me how the higgs field creates gravity, or how is it related to it? I mean, if the higgs field is responsible for mass, then it should be somewhat responsible for gravity. Right?