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    Confused about the nomenclature of this compound (CrO3)

    So i'm a little confused about the nomenclature of this compound (CrO3). is it chromium (VI) oxide? chromic acid? and then Cr2O3 is just plain Chromium (III) oxide right?
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    Flame test identification- metals?

    Flame tests are used to test the color that a metal produces when heated and the electrons release energy when falling back to the ground state. This i understand, but why does the procedure only test the metal part of the salt? In other words, why does the anion part of the ionic compound not...
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    Solubility of several substances

    are these soluble in water? Na2Cr2O7 (i think yes) (NH4)2Cr2O7 (i think yes) PbCr2O7 (i think no) CuI2 (no? whay is this disproving by rule that iodides and chlorides are soluble in water except for heavy metals?)
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    Reaction between magnesium and oxygen

    Today in class my chem teacher was insistent that 2Mg + O2 = 2MgO was a synthesis reaction. this I agree with. however, he was also adamant that this was not a combustion reaction, when it our text book it specifically gave us this very same example as a type of combustion reaction. Question...
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    Reaction between Fe(NO3)3 and KSCN

    Homework Statement When Fe(NO3)3 and KSCN reated, it immediatly turned red. my teacher says this si the stuff they use for fake blood in movies. My problem is, we must state the reaction type. Homework Equations the products, im assuming, are FeSCN and KNO3 (i know I did not yet balance...