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    How to calculate the stability and strength of a simple chassis?

    Dear community, I am an electrical engineer trying to make my hobby four seater car. Being not a mechanical guy I am really uncertain of the chassis design that I have concepted though with the help of a friend we got some basic simulation running. My concept is to use a standard rectangular...
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    Gearbox explanation

    Dear community, for my hobby project I found a gearbox online which shall be connected to a electric motor I have. I expect that the driveshafts with CV joints to be connected directly to this gearbox. Can someone explain me the construction as in how should the motor be connected and how the...
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    Calculating gear ratio from the motor's graph for an EV?

    Dear community, For my electric vehicle project I want to select a gear ratio (single) of my gear box and send this information to the supplier. In order to calculate this ratio I thought of the following steps but am not sure and want some expert to recheck and answer my queries: 1. Calculate...
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    Calculating Power for a car, and relating it to the motor curve

    Hello all, I am trying to build a simulation to understand what power is required by an electric car in order to accelerate from 0-50kmh. As per my understanding the total power required by engine is calculated using Total Power required at given velocity formula as stated below. I am...
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    Finding the Torque vs RPM curve for a 3-phase AC induction motor

    Dear community, For one of the projects which I am currently working on, I want to quantify my three phase AC induction motor in the following ways: 1. Find Torque vs RPM Curve 2.Find Efficiency vs RPM Curve Now since I dont have the industrial "Torque Sensor" to plot Torque vs RPM curves, I...