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    Sourcing a Diverter Valve for Regenerative Blower

    I am at a loss for trying to find this part, it seems like only 1 or 2 manufacturers produce this, But I'm sure it is more common than that. This is an attachment that goes on to the inlet/outlet of regenerative blowers, and with a solenoid, allows the output port to switch between vacuum...
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    Effect of off-center mass on guide rails for acceleration

    Hi, There is a mass that sits on a bridge between 2 parallel actuator (2 axis gantry), and slides on linear guides. If the mass is not centred, and close to one side of the drives, would that require that 1 of the actuators to put out more force? or would it always be even? I figure you might...
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    Does a Belt drive actuator isolate motor vibration?

    Trying to build a case for a belt driven ball screw axis versus a Planetary gear box, with the fact that the motor vibration would carry down the gearbox to the axis, but the timing belt drive would isolate the motor vibration. How would I model this? and ideally a way to get a factor of...
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    Trying to calculate the volume of gas flowing through a nozzle

    I've gone through many posts but haven't really come across something very clear. And on top of it my knowledge of fluid dynamics only extends to compressible fluids. I have a Nitrogen Cylinder Tank, with an exit pressure of 214.7 psia which is blocked by a solenoid valve at a location very...
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    Calculation of Counterbalance Mass

    Hi, I've been grappling with a calculation that appears to give me a good result, however my gut feeling says other wise. Could someone please check the layout and possibly confirm my final answer. Attached is the layout of the system. The system: -There is a long arm, d1+d2 is one link. then...