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    Cumulative yield database

    I couldn’t find a table of cumulative fission yields on the web, so I made one in a database simulation. Who might be interested? The full table covers the evolution of 1322 isotopes over 34 years. The results are in the form of 31 “snapshots” of the isotopic composition as the reactor ages...
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    "half-life" under flux

    Given an initial mass of some isotope subjected to a constant neutron flux, how fast will the mass drop off? Would not the survival curve look exactly like the curve for radioactive decay? Both cases describe a starting mass subjected to a constant transformative force at a rate that depends...
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    Concurrent decay calculations in an operating reactor

    I can’t find yield data for the concurrent creation and decay of fission products in an operating reactor. All the references I can find on the net are for the decay of a fixed lump. In an operating reactor the lump is (for a while) growing at the same time it is decaying. So, I started my...
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    Odd Isotope half-life help

    The Sigma database at Brookhaven lists seven isotopes as fission products for which I can't find half-life data. I've tried nea6287-JEFF-20-1, the NuDat_2 web site, Nuclear Wallet Cards and Wikipedia. Anybody have any other ideas? The isotopes are 74-As-m1 85-Se-m1 86-Br-m1 109-Ru-m1...