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    Optocoupler chip

    hi... i need some understanding of optocoupler chip after doing so much of research. currently am doing buck converter circuit to observe the switching performance of IGBT.. i test my circuit with (PWM chip > High Side driver > power circuit). when i power on the whole circuit.. i can't...
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    IGBT Vge

    currently i need to turn on my IGBT. i measured Vge, it shown 8.25V, but my design requirement of Vge is 15V. i did some research, do i need to add in parasitic capacitances to my IGBT??
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    Snubber Circuit

    may i know what is snubber circuit?? and what is the different between having snubber circuit vs without subbers circuit..
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    LM324 - Sine Wave

    Hello i would like to know, how does LM324 create a sine wave after the output of the op amp?? thanks
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    Average power in Amplitude Modulation

    1. Homework Statement how the overall power becomes lesser when one side band is taken away by the bandpass filter and also how it limits the bandwidth of the signal 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution there is will be the trade off between power and bandwidth...
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    Product Detector

    Hello I am trying to learn something and really hope to get some help.. i know the use of envelope detector.. but when to use product detector? i know product detector will be more expensive than envelope detector.. please help
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    Vectors - dot product and cross product?

    Vectors -- dot product and cross product? Hello may i know when to dot product and cross product?? both look to same to me..
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    Fourier Series

    May i know to obtain fourier series representation for trigonometric and complex form base on magnitude spectrum and phase spectrum?? what i found is that to get trigonometric form is from phase spectrum, but i don't know how.. can anyone help
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    Product Detector vs Envelope Detector

    What will happen to product detector and envelope detector when modulation depth is increasing?
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    How to choose resistor

    Hello I need to buy 100k and 1k resistor.. but how do i know what watts do i need???? 1 watt or 2 watts hope help
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    Si units

    hello i need some help and am confuse about it now.. after calculating the math.. 1.67531519 x 10 power of negative 8.. if i change to nano it is 16nf??? 1.515761363 x 10 power of negative 10, if i change to nano is 15nf??? what about changing to miro??? confuse with the 10 power of...
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    Half wave vs peak detector circuit

    hello I would like to know what is the different between half wave rectifier circuit and peak detector circuit.. as what i know from half wave.. it only take the positive wave only.. then what about peak detector ??
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    AC to DC

    Hello I know what is AC signal and DC signals purpose.. but may I know how to convent AC signals to DC signals to feed in to the PIC?? Help pls
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    Confidence Interval

    Hello May I know what is the difference between Confidence Interval for Population Mean (μ) when σ Known vs Confidence Interval for Population Mean (μ) when σ unknown.. any example to show me??
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    Frequency - Induction Motor

    Hello I'm doing a question in induction motor now. formula for Induced torque is Pgap / Ws. i have found the Pgap, but in order to find Ws, i need frequency to find ns.. so my question is, how to find frequency with only given 10hp and four pole
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    Op Amp - what is the slew rate limitation?

    Op Amp -- what is the slew rate limitation? Hello i would like to what is the slew rate limitation?? and why it is good to have higher slew rate??? thanks
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    Transmission line

    Hello i would like to know what is the different between 300km and 150km in transmission line.. thanks
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    Mixed Resistive Inductive load

    hello i do have something unclear about =.. POWER Real Power Reactive Power Inductive Load 500 511 W 329VAR 1.2 400 519W 312VAR 2.0L 300 490W 382VAR 3.2L IS ABOUT MIXED RESISTIVE INDUCTIVE LOAD.. MY...
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    About frequency response

    i would to know why whenever i increase my freq hertz, my gain db will decrease???
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    Matlab Transfer Function

    Hello I need to do bode plot.. but i not to sure how to use matlab.. i need this 1 / (a + bs)s num = 1 how to key in the den to get (a + bs)s.. i try different way and i can't get 1/(a+bs)s hope to get help