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    What would you present about light if you have 90-sec time?

    As you know, this year, 2015, is the year of light: I want to create a video clip limited to 90 seconds to show in our university's TED-like show to make students excited about light. Do you have any idea? any experiment?
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    Who are best manufacturers of training equipment for labs?

    We're going to equip our fundamental physics labs: - Mechanics lab - Electricity and magnetism lab - Geometrical lab - Thermodynamics lab Which brand is qualified in your experience?
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    Application of advanced spectrometer in geometrical optics?

    We have an advanced spectrometer in our geometrical optics lab! I'm seeking for any experiment in geometrical optics to include it!
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    A microscope in an electricity laboratory

    Is there any usage for a measuring microscope in an electricity laboratory as a part of any experiment? We have a Mitutoyo measuring microscope in our fundamental electricity physics lab which is a course for sophomores. We used it for apparent depth in our optics lab which is retired now! I'm...
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    What's the best device for measuring angles?

    << Moderator Note -- Dorea is an instructor asking about their physics lab >> The first experiment in our fundamental physics lab is "Measuring & Measurement errors". Currently we have four devices: - rule (0.5 mm) - Vernier Caliper (0.02 mm) - Micrometer (0.01 mm) - Spherometer We're seeking...
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    Any economical quantitative electrostatics experiment?

    Do you know any economical quantitative electrostatics experiments for the university level? I'm asking for some experiments for undergraduates in the electrostatics context. We have a Van-de-Graaff generator in our fundamental physics lab but this kind of devices are useful for demonstration...
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    Do you know what are these physics-I-lab devices?

    These are some devices in our lab that I don't know their application! I'm a lab TA. 1. + + 2. + 3. +...
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    Is refractive index on each side of the parallelepiped the same?

    Refractive index on each side of a rectangular cube parallelepiped: n1, n2, n3 Is this correct: n1=n2=n3? [Broken]
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    Best laser pointer for optics lab?

    I'm serching around the web to find the best laser poiter (with real safety class). the below one is the only thing that I could find: Do you know any other brands suitable for educational goals? we need to use laser pointer for some...
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    Is a computer required for basic physics experiments in the laboratory?

    As you can see in the below image, they use computers for some of their experiments. What will students do with it?! (Who are `they`? Find them here.) img: [Broken] img2: and Quantum Wave...
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    Is there any video series on physics laboratories?

    "Laboratory Demonstrations" is the only thing that I could find! Is there anything else? * Level: University, BS. * Types: Fundamental Physics I: Dynamics; Fundamental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism; Fundamental Physics III: Oscillation and Waves and Geometric Optics
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    Is your lab booklet available on internet in English? (please share)

    We're going to write a new lab instruction for this laboratories: 1. Fundamental Physics I: Dynamics 2. Fundamental Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism 3. Fundamental Physics III: Oscillation and Waves 4. Geometric Optics I'm willing to read lab booklets of different universities to know...
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    What is your proposed list of experiences for a Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism) laboratory?

    I'm a new TA in a physics laboratory and we're going to redesign experiences for fundamental physics II lab that is a semester course on electricity and magnetism for undergraduates in their 2nd year. What is your proposed list of experiences for a Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)...
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    Does anybody know the name of this optics device?

    Does anybody know what is this device name and its application: (It's in our optics laboratory)