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    I Cosmological constant problem, interesting solution?

    Here is a very interesting way of arriving at the cosmological constant. A more detailed paper: regards sunu
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    B Do we understand the cosmos

    The paper "Do we understand the Cosmos" raises a very pertinent question and provides a partial set of answers and alternatives. It is not a radically different approach to cosmology. It merely indicates that many of the beliefs that one holds regarding the universe, in terms of Einsteinian...
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    Emergent gravity

    Simplicity of the Universe This article briefly describes a fundamentally new paradigm for analyzing what we have learnt about the Universe over the last three hundred years. While it is clear that gravity is the dominant force (of the four fundamental forces) that shapes the Universe as we...
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    Emergent gravity

    Thank you, Chronos. The question of observational tests and further generalizations of this work is what is being discussed at present. I hope you have had a look at the evolution of the idea through the different papers (which may be a bit esoteric in its language) of Prof. Jacobson, Prof...
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    Emergent gravity

    Sorry about the delay in responding. I had been traveling and occupied with a variety of other tasks. Please find a simpler explanation of the work in the attached file. regards sunu
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    Emergent gravity

    Hello, I am new to this forum and my name is Sunu Engineer. I am a cosmologist by profession and a student of Prof. Padmanabhan whose work is being discussed here. I am familiar with the work (over a very long period of time) and its evolution as well as the related work of Prof. Jacobson and...