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    What actually is Fire?

    According to", we give the name "fire" to both a bunch of glowing matter particles and a plasma, which is a bunch of molecules that are so hot that the outer electrons have been knocked off and move around freely. Fire from a lighter is not...
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    Gravity inside the Earth

    Thanks for this prompt reply after 4 years of lying dormant! The cumulative building up of pressure while going down, even under diminishing gravity, sounds very plausible. The forces are not linear because most of the heavier materials have probably moved to the center causing the...
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    Gravity inside the Earth

    hmm, still not satisfied. How can there be weight when there is no gravity at the center of the earth? Doesn't the pressure caused by weight increase while going down to about half of the radius of the earth and then slowly start diminishing because of diminishing gravity? Or is center-earth...