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    Membrane theory

    Thank you Ich. Gravity well that warp space time. other than bending light so that we see the star behind the sun during a eclipse. what if any is the other effects? Is there a physical effect upon the space its self? if this is a BIG IF. if you could look between two black...
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    If I were light

    Re: If I was light... IF you could become a Photon. you would not exist outside of time. time is relative to the observer. I would not see you go screaming by me at the speed of c. and I to you would look like a big blue blur, would you have human eyes. your perception would be that...
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    Membrane theory

    Hello. I want to start off with a simple into. I have not been to any of the classes you have. I can not go to the classes you have. and I find it odd, that when I can I strive to understand the things you all talk about. but the equations and formula's you use are Greek to me. so please, keep...