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  1. copper-head

    Gauging the amount of Lignin in biomass

    I am looking for a way to measure out the amount of lignin in a given forest waste. Does anyone have any insight?
  2. copper-head

    Making Carbon pellets with PVA

    Hey there. I am making Carbon pellets using polyvinyl alcohol as a binder to help shape the pellets. I would like to measure the pellet's conductivity without being hindered or influence by the conductivity of the PVA. One way to do it is to heat the pellets to 300 degrees and evaporate the PVA...
  3. copper-head

    Freeze drying Phosphoric acid

    Hello all. I have carbonaceous material soaking in Phosphoric acid. I'd like to anneal it under an inert environment to activate the carbon. One method used in literature involved freeze drying the mixture and annealing it as is, as opposed to filtering or centrifuging the mixture. However, I am...
  4. copper-head

    Testing the quality of twisted pairs

    Hello all. I was wondering if there is a method or a device to check the quality of the twists on twisted pairs cable harness vis-a-vis EMI. i.e. someway (to tell is the twists are good enough to pass EMI testing). Cheers
  5. copper-head

    Isomorphism with GLn(R)

    Hello. My book offers this statement with no proof, i have been searching in other books with no luck ! I'm beginning to question whether or not the statement is valid at all ! Here it goes: "Every group G of order n is isomorphic to a subgroup of GLn(R)" Could someone please help me out...
  6. copper-head

    Permutations commuting with their powers

    I have been asked to show that in Sn the cycle (1,2,....n) only commutes with its powers. I know that cycles commute when they are disjoint and that every permutation can be written as a product of disjoint cycles but how do i show that this cycle and its powers are disjoint? PLz help...