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  1. Fat_Squirrel

    Charging a capacitor

    Homework Statement A 3.00 MΩ resistor and a 1.00 μF capacitor are connected in series with an ideal battery of emf E = 4.00 V. At 1.00 sec after the connection is made, what is the rate at which (a) the charge of the capacitor is increasing; (b) energy is being stored in the capacitor; (c)...
  2. Fat_Squirrel

    Circuits .. what is this question asking?

    Homework Statement A battery has an emf E and internal resistance r. A variable resistor R is connected across the terminals of the battery. Find the values of R such that (a) the potential difference across the terminals is a maximum; (b) the current in the circuit is a maximum; (c) the power...
  3. Fat_Squirrel

    Calculating Gravity from Inclined plane

    Homework Statement 2m long Inclined plane. Height at top of the ramp is 6.1cm We are given distances of 0.5, 1, 1.5 2.0m and their times (close to 2.5s, 3.5s ,4.25, 5s). Need to calculate g. Homework Equations d=1/2at^2 g=a/(sinθ/(1+I/mr^2)) (where...