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    Spectroscopy technique for detecting water saturation front in polymer

    Hello all, I am a grad student in materials science. As part of a research project, I need to measure/detect the velocity of a water saturation front moving through polymers (a few materials, most fluoro/perfluoropolymers). The ultimate goal of the project is to determine the permeability of...
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    Pressure vessel ideal gas calculation

    Maybe I have this backwards, but if the final pressure inside the pressure vessel is 100 psia, then the partial pressure of water will be less than 100 psi which is much lower than the water saturation pressure of 225 psi at 200C so no liquid water can be present. The saturation pressure of CO2...
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    Pressure vessel ideal gas calculation

    Hello all, As part of a research project, I am trying to calculate the amount of water/dry ice I would need to put in a cylindrical pressure vessel to obtain an internal pressure of ~100 psi at 200C (from room temperature, ~23C). I haven't had to do a calculation like this in awhile, but...